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Conscious Business Training and Seminars

This site gives information about the business training and business seminars run by Daniel Stone. 
Click on the menu for the descriptions of the seminars for

  • Opening a clear business vision.
  • Making fully informed decisions.
  • Creating a team that works together.
  • Developing communication skills.
  • Stress management in your place of work.
  • Personal health and professional health.
  • Meaning and purpose behind the personal and professional paths.
  • Being conscious.

Let me explain a little of my history and my entrance into the world of business. Born in England, my professional background was in music, art and theatre before moving into giving consciousness retreats in 1995.  In 2000 I opened a retreat centre in the desert of Mexico.  

Business Training Retreats

The retreats attracted very few business people at first, but from about 2008, they began to come regularly.  The more that came, the more I realised that the relationship between consciousness and the business world is made by language.  By working with business people on an individual basis, I began to learn in which ways I can be of use to them, both in their personal and professional lives.  I began to find that there were more bridges than I thought. 

In 2012 I was invited by a successful business woman who came to a four week desert retreat to give business seminars.  I began to write the seminars, developing the language and the bridge. 

So, having invited people since 2000 to leave their comfort zone and step into the great spaces of the desert in order to open their minds and their hearts, I was now also going the other way – entering offices and schools to show that being conscious does not have to be ‘out there’,  It can also be ‘in here’.

Business Training Techniques That Work

I began to see the techniques working in practise and not just in theory.  The more I have done this work, the more I have learnt that business people I have met, like anyone I work with, are on a path to make sense of their world, to find meaning and purpose in their lives, and to find health in their working environment.  They want to be clear, to be useful, productive and efficient.  They want to know where they are going, and what they are doing.  Like me, business people seek to be more conscious. 

I have been very inspired by the business people I have met, their vision and their drive.  It has led me to work on a third book to be published soon which links business, science, healing and consciousness.  We are all of one mind, but we speak different languages. 

My task is to go beyond the languages that separate sectors of society to show that being conscious – clarity of mind, making informed decisions, dealing with stress, finding a clear vision -  is as simple as breathing in……………and breathing out.