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The conscious business

Your clear business vision

Decision making

Stress management

Team building

Business and spirituality


The conscious business.
Being conscious at work gives the best quality of experience, service, productivity and efficiency.  A conscious employer makes more informed decisions; a conscious employee is more likely to do the job well.  When a business is conscious, the different departments are in clear communication, the company works more as a unit and so there is a sense that everyone is on the same page.

A conscious business starts with the conscious individual.  In this experiential seminar, clear practical tools are given to help the individual -  employer  or employee, no matter what their status in the organisation - to become more conscious of the way they are thinking, feeling, sensing and therefore acting at work.  The conscious individual automatically influences the whole team and moves the whole business in the direction of clarity in thought and action.

 Your clear business vision.  Top
For a business to be successful it needs a clear vision to inspire it.  If the work of the visioning is done well a clear plan of action emerges.  There is a symbiotic relation between the clarity and effectiveness of the business and the clarity and effectiveness of the business vision.  In this course we are able to examine new business ideas as well as established businesses whose vision needs clarifying or revisiting.  The established business which is tired and sluggish has lost the spark of the original intent and so there is a need to revisit and refresh or even radically change the vision in order to breathe new life into your business dream.

Your business vision, whether it is new or established, is examined by you in relation to your personal life, the society in which you live and the planet on which you live.  The twelve stages of the vision formation and evolution are explained from the initial idea, the planning, the manifestation and the transformation.  The business vision cycle from birth to death to rebirth is examined giving practical tools for visioning and actions in response to the vision so that clarity of your business dream becomes a business reality.

For those working with an existing business, we look at what stage of the business vision cycle needs attention.  Does the original business vision need remembering; is there a problem between the vision and the manifestation of the vision; is the business holding onto ideas whose time has passed; or is it time for a new business vision which grows out of the old business?

In understanding the way in which business visions work, we would have to take into account the market you would be entering or have entered, the society that is receiving your product or service, and the relation with the planet earth on which the business will take place.  We also take into account the larger energies of time and space and consciousness all of which are essential in understanding the full context of your business action so that you are able to make fully informed and fully conscious decisions.

The seminar will include full information on the twelve stages of the business vision cycle, clear and accessible tools for connecting with your vision, and precise planning work to realise the movement from vision to manifestation of your business dream.  In the case of existing businesses we open to all aspects of the vision cycle in your business and from your own visioning you find the weaknesses and resolutions. 

You have the solution, and you are the solution. This seminar is a chance for you to listen to your own wisdom.


Decision making. Top
One considered conscious decision can be more effective than fifty unconscious decisions.  The unconsidered unconscious decisions usually cause confusion which will sabotage the original intention of the decision.  The problem that was meant to be solved by the decision becomes a more deeper problem. 

To see the business in perspective – perspective of the market, the society, the climate, the planet, will give the chance for a clear decision to be taken so that a clear vision can be manifested.  The conscious business is aware of its function not only to make profit, but to facilitate the lives of all of its members.  The essential health of all of its members can only help to improve the business environment and its effectiveness.  A healthy workforce is obviously going to perform better than one which is not healthy.

The clear intent of this seminar is to help each participant to become more conscious so that they perform better at work and are happier at work.

 Decision awareness -
Calming the congested mind.
Creating internal space in order to make clear informed decisions.
Applications of breath awareness in decision making.

Stress management. Top
living and working in stressful environments affects the health of both the individual and the business.  A stressed person usually makes poor decisions which usually means more work in the long run.  How do we manage stress so that clear decisions and effective communication can take place?  There are certain simple steps that can be taken to improve the environment at work, and simple practices that can be used to help the individual manage the workload and improve their general awareness of their position in their role and in relation to the rest of the staff.    However, we cannot separate work from home when it comes to health, and individual attention is sometimes necessary to find longer term health solutions for the individual in the work and home environment.

 Health awareness -
Awareness of personal health issues and the steps necessary for health improvements.
Looking at the health of the work environment and, the stresses present. 
Opening to the possible solutions to reduce stress in the work environment and therefore improve the collective health conditions.
Simple daily practices at home and at work that will improve awareness and concentration at work.

Team building. Top
In every business I have worked with, the communication within the team is the major issue which causes both inefficiency and stress in the working environment.  The conflicts are usually caused by lack of clarity around the role of the individual and their relation to other members of the team.  The seminars around team building look to make two clear steps.

1.  clarify the role of each individual
2.  clarify the relation between the roles of the team.
3.  clarify the responsibility of each role.
4.  develop the communication skills in particular between roles that are co-dependent within the organisation.

We also work with general communication within the team, the idea of developing a team ethic, a sense of shared purpose and vision.

 Job awareness -
Self-clarification of the work required.
Clarification of one’s work within the wider organisation.
Applications of breath awareness in the work activity.
Daily practices that can help the team communication development on both the short and long term.

Business and spirituality. Top
The distance between spirituality and business is not so great.  i have had enough clients now both on an individual and group level to know that even the most atheist or agnostic of business leaders, employers or employees seek to be more conscious.  There is a big difference between spirituality and religion.  Even in the world of science, quantum physics describes reality in terms of energy. Business also can be seen in terms of energy - the way energy moves between people, the way energy moves from idea into manifestation.  To be conscious in the business world, we have to understand how energy works.  We cannot ignore the relation between one business and another, between one individual and another.  We cannot ignore the relation between the business and the market, between the business and the society, and between the business and the planet.  A truly informed decision includes all of these considerations.

Everyone wants to know who they are and why they are here on this planet.  The business world is part of the answer to this question.  It describes a response.  We define who we are and why we are here in part through our work. 

As the business becomes more conscious, it takes on more meaning.  A business is not just a job.  it can be a life purpose.